Più vicino

Più vicino is a journal-like project, dealing with the process of getting closer and connecting to the natural world, to other people and oneself.
It portrays a journey, that can be seen as a metaphorical one: while it was primarily a physical journey, it’s mostly an interior one. It shows the stages of personal growth, the making of a friendship and of self-conscience.

This research was born after the fading out of longtime friendships: a feeling of loneliness and internal void started pushing me to spend much time in nature. The natural environment used to make me feel lighter, to take a huge weight off my chest, it allowed me to breathe again. It gave me a sensation of wellbeing and connectedness with it.

While photographing – people, landscapes and fragments within the place, everything started talking to me on an intimate level: a misty sky, the layers of a rock, a person floating in the sea. Creating an intimate dialogue between my emotions and my surroundings.


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